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The Band


Laurence Archer


First picking up a guitar at 15 whilst at school, it was seeing Eric Clapton live that really sparked Laurence's love for music. He sold his bicycle and bought a guitar the very next day. Laurence cut his teeth as a founding member of the 80s heavy rock band Stampede. From there he jumped at the chance to play with one of his heroes and formed Grand Slam with Phil Lynott in the 1980's. It was whilst playing with Grand Slam that Laurence took to the stage on tour across the globe until Phil Lynott's death. After Grand Slam Laurence then joined UFO and toured alongside another of his heroes, the guitar legend Gary Moore. Fast forward to today and Grand Slam have reformed, armed with the same ethos of freedom, positivity and adrenalin that has run through their veins since 1984, and with Laurence at the helm once more.


Mike Dyer


After writing and touring extensively with the band 'Tokyo', Mike formed a Theatre Company and starred in many London West End theatre shows and varied TV appearances. He brings a renewed vigour and approach to Grand Slam, not just bringing the original songs bang up to date, but bringing his own style and charisma to the album and stunning live shows.


Dave Boyce


In a very successful 4 year stint with Samson Dave toured extensively across UK & Europe and featured on the 'There It Is' Vinyl EP and 'Look To The Future' album, recently re-released on Cherry Red Records. He then had a brief period touring with Jason Bonham and Airrace, before getting the call from The Quireboys, where he spent 3 years touring the world. The highlights: Headlining tours of Brazil / Argentina / UK/Europe - Download Festival - special guests to Guns & Roses @ St Jakob Arena, Basel, Switzerland, and major tours with Thin Lizzy, Tesla, Saxon to name a few, before receiving the call from Laurence Archer to join the Grand Slam juggernaut recording their debut album 'Hit The Ground’.


Benjy Reid


Benjy Reid was a drummer born and has toured the world for more years than you can count on fingers and/or toes. Early days focused on the Yankee Doodle Dandy side of the pond with the likes of Stuck Mojo, Derek St. Holmes and Phil Grande of Joe Cocker fame. Recording and touring continued with even more fervour when he embarked upon English soil.....Debbie Bonham; yes, John's younger sister, picked him out of a vast London club scene within weeks, as did ex Uriah Heep singer John Lawton and New Wave of British Heavy Metal heroes Praying Mantis, all of which Benjy recorded and toured with extensively. Every country, every city, every gig and rock festival - from an Ozzfest in Czech Republic hosting 40,000 to Vive Latino Festival in Mexico City with 70,000 music fans.....he has played it!

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