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The Band


Laurence Archer


After first picking up a guitar at 15 whilst at school, it was seeing Eric Clapton live that really sparked Laurence's love for music. He sold his bicycle and bought a guitar the very next day. Laurence cut his teeth as a founding member of the 80s heavy rock band Stampede. From there he jumped at the chance to play with one of his hero's and formed Grand Slam with Phil Lynott in the 1980's. It was whilst playing with Grand Slam that Laurence took to the stage at Selhurst Park before taking the band on tour across the globe until Phil Lynott's death. After Grandslam Laurence then joined UFO and toured alongside another of his hero's, the guitar legend Gary Moore. Fast forward to today and Grand Slam have reformed, armed with the same ethos of freedom, positivity and adrenalin that has run through their veins since 1984, and with Laurence at the helm once more.


Mike Dyer


Mike Dyer is a musician, actor and playwright. His remarkable journey nearly finished before it had even started. Following a horrendous motorcycle accident Mike was destined to be wheelchair-bound for life but defied the odds and spent three years learning to walk again. He originally cut his teeth fronting Liverpool rock band Tokyo and fronted the rock band Rhode Island Red, in which he played alongside Laurence. He has notably written for Diana Ross, Eric Clapton and collaborated and performed with Alvin Lee, Scott Gorham, and Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith. He then took to the West End stage playing principal rolls from The Narrator in Blood Brothers to Pilate/Caiaphas in Jesus Christ Superstar, following a stint of playing the Hunchback of Notre Dame in the global smash musical Notre Dame de Paris. Mike says ‘After a long spell of ironing my shirts on a wok I needed to spread my rebel wings once again’. He went on to write the book, script, co-write the musical score and produce the critically acclaimed musical Exposure. Which made its world premiere at the St James Theatre, London in 2016. A national tour of Exposure is scheduled in 2021. ‘My rebel wish finally came true, when long-lost brother Laurence Archer called me on Christmas Day 2018 with unfinished business and Grand Slam 19 was hatched,’ Mike says. His career experience ranges from fronting rock bands, and principal West End roles, to writing, directing and arranging compositions and musicals. You might also see him as the occasional baddy on TV or the silver screen, in Eastenders-Cassie Hogan, and Evita and Blade Runner. Mike is currently on an almighty mission with the Grand Slam boys to tip their hat with respect to the Grand Slam heritage, whilst flying this exciting new beast forward.


Dave Boyce


Notorious self-styled king of "sexy bass", Dave has long been a face on the London rock scene, with stints in Samson, The Quireboys, Skyscraper and Bucket & Co. to his credit. Dave is proud to be sponsored by The Bass Centre's Elite Bass Strings - you can find him on their website.


Benjy Reid


Benjy has toured around the world for more than two decades providing the pounding beats for top American and European rock stars such as British NWOBHM heroes Praying Mantis and John Bonham tribute Lets Zep with whom he once played alongside Guns 'N' Roses axe-man Slash. Benjy is proud to be sponsored by DW Drums.

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